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Ten Rewards of Meditation

Posted on 6/25/2013 by Diane Sieg in Benefits of Meditation

When I am speaking to a large group and introduce the idea of meditation, I can see the immediate look of disdain in the audience. They are not just surprised, but visibly uncomfortable and sometimes even borderline angry. But after they spend five minutes in stillness (as I often call it), I see their look of discomfort replaced with relief, relaxation, and even gratitude. They have discovered a new practice that brings them an immediate peace and calm most of them have not known before.

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Ahimsa - The Foundation of Yoga

Posted on 6/19/2013 by Anitra Lahiri in Ahimsa Yoga Sutras

Before there were yoga asanas, before there were yoga mats, before there were even yoga teachers, there was ahimsa, the very first sutra in the original philosophy of yoga, and this is the core of anyone’s yoga practice, whether they realize it or not.

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Going Beyond Asana

Posted on 6/12/2013 by April Laliberte in Full Spectrum Yoga Integral Yoga

In Western yoga, asana has become a practice of yoga poses for physical fitness. However, in ancient Indian traditions asana was practiced as a primer for meditation. Working your body encourages your mind to be still. Maintaining balance and using brute strength in moving from pose to pose will tire your muscles, making it easier for you to sit peacefully.

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Post-Yoga Smoothie Recipe

Posted on 6/5/2013 by Jessica Wyman in Smoothie Recipe

I came home from teaching a hot yoga class today and knew I didn’t want to be weighed down with something heavy to eat, but I needed to nourish my body. My favorite way to make a smoothie is to check out my kitchen and see what is available. This was my most random blend, and it turns out I LOVED it.

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