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It's Not That You Love, It's How

Posted on 5/29/2012 by Shannon Paige in love

Love is like breathing. Breath comes in and breath goes out. Love enters the heart and love leaves. The shadow left behind is like the wisdom of time and space itself. Once we sense love, we cannot easily forget and we are changed forever, in fact, love informs the very fabric of our existence.

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8 Essential Exercises to Avoid Backache in Pregnancy

Posted on 5/23/2012 by Liza Janda in prenatal yoga

Does a backache always have to come with a pregnancy? Happily, the answer is NO! But you’ll have to do a little bit of work to avoid or alleviate that age-old pregnancy complaint. Back ache is the most common complaint I hear from my pregnant students. There are some essential exercises that you can do every day that will really make a difference in how you feel.

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Start Yoga Young - How Kids Can Benefit From Yoga

Posted on 5/21/2012 by Jackie Casal Mahrou in Yoga for Kids

We were all born with flexibility. It is life experience and stress that tightens up our bodies, rounds our shoulders, and gives us neck and back pain. Imagine if you would have learned yoga postures and deep breathing techniques when you were a kid. How might your body and mind be different today? While we cannot go back in time to change our own lives, we can offer the opportunity of learning yoga to our children. These days children live a fast paced life of school, homework, sports, music lessons, and other activities that combined together can cause stress. Kids yoga can provide an opportunity for children to slow down, stretch, and connect to their inner joy so that they can learn to cope with stress, and stay flexible. Here are more ways that children can benefit from yoga:

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The Union of Mom and Mat: Staying Connected to Your Postnatal Yoga Practice

Posted on 5/15/2012 by jennifer lux in postnatal

I am blessed to work with a population going through arguably the most radical transition of their lives as they navigate and understand the extraordinary changes that occur during pregnancy and childbirth. While most of the woman I support are committed to their yoga practice during pregnancy as a way to build strength and power that will serve them in labor, the real challenge is in helping them stay connected to their mats postpartum, with the strain of a new baby, a new role as mother, and the cascade of changes that this inevitably creates in relationship, career, and in priorities related to nearly every facet of life.

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Learn to Love Hanumanasana

Posted on 5/9/2012 by Jackie Casal Mahrou in hanumanasana poses

If there is one yoga posture that tests our patience, flexibility, and dedication, it is Hanumanasana, or the forward splits. Unless you are a dancer or gymnast, it can seem ridiculous to even attempt such a huge stretch that can take years to achieve, but therein lies the magic of the pose. While I doubt Hanumanasana is anyone’s favorite pose, we cannot ignore the physical, mental, and spiritual power that this posture can evoke.

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