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Prepare for Bigger Backbends

Posted on 4/27/2016 by Adam Hocke in yoga Adam Hocke Yoga Poses Backbends Props Yoga Props

Backbends are demanding and invigorating. They require a combination of flexibility and strength that can vary from person to person. They require patience and preparation. Often our ability to backbend in big and deep ways can be limited by muscular and soft tissue tightness across the front of the hips, around the numerous connections of the spine itself, and across the front and back of the shoulders. Here are three warm ups focused on stretch and release of these regions to help you deepen your backbends.

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A Practice for Recognizing & Developing Inner Strength

Posted on 4/27/2016 by Jennifer Meek in yoga Jennifer Meek Yoga Poses self-confidence inner strength

“Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that’s very important for good health.” ~ Dalai Lama

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The Simplicity of the Sutras

Posted on 4/27/2016 by Ashley Josephine in Yoga Sutras yoga Ashley Josephine Simple living Sutras advanced yoga practice

As the world becomes more complex, the universe is sending subtle signals to simplify. It seems a lot of the world is starting to question the complexity we’ve built into our ways of doing things.

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Simple Asparagus Mint Soup

Posted on 4/27/2016 by Conscious Cleanse in The Conscious Cleanse detox recipes Simple Asparagus Mint Soup spring vegetables

With our spring cleansers in mind, we whipped up this delicious, oh-so-springy, cleansing soup featuring asparagus.

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Scorpio Full Moon: The Sorcerer, the Source and the Strength of the Shadow (April 22, 2016)

Posted on 4/19/2016 by Alanna Kaivalya in Alanna Kaivalya Scorpio Full Moon Secret Sorcerer

A full moon in Scorpio shines light on all our darkest depths: the secrets we carry beneath the outer facade, hidden in the shadow, waiting for the light. At its worst, Scorpio energy forces these secrets to the surface at the worst possible moments, often wounding others (and ourself!) in the process. However, when we consciously bring acceptance and awareness to our shadow, the hidden depths reveal not darkness, but long buried treasure that is the source of our greatest healing, wisdom and truth. In this way, the deep processing required by this illuminated Scorpio energy brings things to light that ultimately reveal our power.

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Eating Clean

Posted on 4/14/2016 by Hayley Hobson in yoga Healthy Eating Hayley Hobson Eating Clean Diet

Hey Guys, So I have seen so many of my friends over the years trying to get healthy, detoxify and lose weight…which is cool. But then they tell me what they’re eating and I freak out!

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A Smart Flow for Hamstrings

Posted on 4/14/2016 by Andrea Ferretti in yoga Hamstrings Andrea Ferretti Jason Crandell vinyasa flow Forward Bends

I am a vinyasa flow girl through and through. I believe that spending time studying alignment is vital to a lifelong yoga practice — whether in the form of Iyengar classes/workshops or with a flow teacher like Jason who occasionally slows things down. When you learn to understand and tune into the details of alignment you not only stave off potential injuries, you truly learn the skill of connecting your body and mind.

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Allergy Boosting Green Juice

Posted on 4/14/2016 by Conscious Cleanse in The Conscious Cleanse juice recipes Green Smoothies Allergy Busting

Ahhhh the blooms and trees beginning to bud, and the grass popping up through the snow….it can all be such a thing of beauty. It can also be a time for allergy sufferers to struggle!

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Why I Love Sun Salutations

Posted on 4/13/2016 by Adam Hocke in Meditation Adam Hocke vinyasa flow technique Chaturanga Strap Trick Strap Trick Sun Salutations

Am I full of it? I love Sun Salutations. I love doing them exactly the same way every day. I don’t need to be creative with them. But why is this? When asked about keeping up a yoga practice, I often say “consistency is what really matters. don’t worry about duration or intensity, just do something every day.” When asked about sequencing one’s practice for home or a classroom environment, I’ll defend the power of simple movements repeated several times with breath taught over many classes over complicated choreography that’s shifting and changing from one moment to the next and never repeated again from one class to another. If asked why, I’ll say “repetition of simple movements with breath is what will help the nervous system and mind relax, too much new and complicated will just stimulate and potentially lead to new stress.” I say these things, know them intuitively to be true, but beyond tradition (yoga sutras definitely emphasize repetition and consistency, and the movements of sun salutes are very much present in Eastern prayer tradition) really haven’t had much to back it up. But I think I’m beginning to get a clearer picture.

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How to Deal with Toxic Relationships

Posted on 4/9/2016 by Ashley Turner in Ashley Turner 3rd chakra boundaries emotional vampires healthy boundaries toxic relationships Yoga Psychology

Do you have emotional vampires in your life? Do you have friends or family that suck your life energy and leave you feeling depleted, depressed, irritable and antsy?

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Breakfast Nicoise Salad

Posted on 4/9/2016 by Conscious Cleanse in conscious cleanse Gluten Free Breakfast Salad Nicoise Salad French

It’s spring cleanse time and that means cleansers across the globe are dusting off their blenders and loading up their grocery carts with veggies, veggies, and more veggies! If you’ve been with us awhile, you know we’re BIG green smoothie fans. That said, we’re also an adventurous bunch and like to go a little wild and crazy at times.

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Empowerment Loss

Posted on 4/9/2016 by J. Brown in truth J Brown Yoga Empowerment Loss Marketing Desensitization Faith

When circumstances, ruled by forces beyond the will of one individual, overshadow our personal experience of life, unconscious resentment and fear run deep. The coercive fuel of capitalism has conditioned and resigned us to manipulation that both obfuscates truth and reveals the inhumanity of entrenched power. Despite hopelessness, perhaps a kernel of our sacrificed fortitude and imagination can be redeemed.

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4 Propped Poses to Build Your Hanumansana

Posted on 4/9/2016 by Andrea Ferretti in hanumanasana yoga Hamstrings Andrea Ferretti Jason Crandell Yoga Poses Forward Bend

Hanumanasana feels different each time I do it. There are days when I can get my pelvis to the floor with my hips square. But these days I focus more on getting the benefits of the pose instead of going all the way into the pose.

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