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Non-Negotiable Brilliance

Posted on 12/31/2015 by Dana Damara in yoga Meditate Daily pranayam Move your body Get into nature Live in 5-D wellness

This past year has provided big shifts for me, and I know (from personal connection) for a lot of you as well. I have witnessed shakedowns, breakdowns, breakthroughs, breakups, epiphanies, and big page-turners. But really, it’s not any different than any other year, now is it?

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Jo and Jules 5 Favorite Hangover Cures

Posted on 12/31/2015 by Conscious Cleanse in Hangover Cure Hydration Refresh Get moving Ginger benefits Recovering from the holidays

Happy New Year’s Eve! Before you put on your party shoes and head out to ring in the New Year, let’s talk about doing a little prep work for tomorrow. We’re talking hangovers…ahem…and how to beat them!

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Vegan Pumpkin Chai Smoothie

Posted on 12/28/2015 by Jessica Wyman in Pumpkin Pumpkin Puree Cinnamon Pumpkin Chai Smoothie

If you ask me, it’s always pumpkin season. Thank goodness for canned pumpkin! To avoid all the extra stuff in the store bought or coffee shop smoothies or pumpkin lattes – I like to whip something up at home and know exactly what is in one of my favorite pumpkin treats.

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Sankalpa - Spiritually Aligning for the New Year

Posted on 12/28/2015 by Kristin Magill Gibowicz in yoga Sankalpa Yoga Practice Spiritually Aligned Sankalpa Flow

In the latter part of December, I found myself completely underwhelmed in yoga class as another teacher themed on the trials and tribulations of holiday stress. I'm talking about the self-induced stress from busyness, not true emotional strife due to current or past, uncontrollable circumstances magnified around this time of year. We bowed our heads in child’s pose commiserating over our burdened schedules, practiced twisting postures to detox from the holiday parties the weekend prior, and were asked to put our “to-do” Christmas lists aside for the hour.

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Winter Solstice Reflection

Posted on 12/28/2015 by Ashley Josephine in New Years Inspiration yoga Winter Solstice Reflection New Years

Happy Winter Solstice! I love celebrating the solstices and equinoxes as they represent light and new beginnings. There is innate wisdom in nature and I think we human beings can look to nature to find more peace and happiness in our lives.

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On the Daily Slog

Posted on 12/21/2015 by Adam Hocke in yoga Vinyasa Practice Energy Diary Discipline Adam Hocke

You are not one big backbend away from enlightenment. I hate to break it to you, but it is really the unglamorous work of getting up a bit earlier to do a daily practice, most of which probably isn’t instagram-worthy, that will keep you sane and healthy. It’s the accumulation of consistent practice over months and years that puts you on a path towards joy and freedom and not just one rockin’ class with a Coldplay soundtrack. If the experience of subtle energetics is part of your practice, then of course big poses have the possibility to connect you to transcendental states. But they can equally throw you off balance and out of the continual practice of balancing the energies that compose your physical, emotional, and spiritual states.

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BBQ Pork Chili and Baked Sweet Potato + Real Life Meal Planning Madness

Posted on 12/21/2015 by Jessica Wyman in Sweet Potatoes BBQ Pork Chili Meal Planning Farmer's Market

I wish I was a better meal planner. I’m great at food prep, but I must admit that I never do it with specific meals and menus in mind. I go to the farmers market or the supermarket and purchase what is in season or on sale. Then I build meals on the fly around those foods.

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Posted on 12/21/2015 by Dana Damara in yoga Focus Winter Solstice Northern Hemisphere

Winter Solstice I love this time of the year. Which seems off because I am, by nature, a very fiery, sand-loving, ocean-adoring, sun-bathing type of woman. I enjoy wearing flip-flops, bathing suits, and barely enough clothes to cover my body. Truth be told, in the midst of the cold weather months, I have yearned for the Southern Hemisphere.

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My Holistic Healing Go-Tos

Posted on 12/21/2015 by Ashley Josephine in Holistic Healing Hot Tea Ginger Echinacea Essential Oils

I woke up on Sunday with a sore throat. The last time I was sick was when I lived in Texas back in 2012. Naturally, I was annoyed. I thought it might just go away. It did not.

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Yoga Anatomy of the Hips

Posted on 12/15/2015 by Jason Crandell in Stability yoga Hips Anatomy Labrum acetabulum

Yoga has made me curious about my body for more than 20 years. When I feel restriction in my outer hips during Pigeon Pose, I wonder what exactly is holding me back—is it my gluteus maximus, my piriformis and external rotators, my posterior capsule… or my questionable karma? Hey, I’m a Virgo, I don’t like surprises, and teaching yoga is my passion, so I like to understand these things. That’s fair, right?

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Why is the World Just Taking Notice of Yoga

Posted on 12/15/2015 by Vineetha Reddy in yoga Mind Body India Fame Healthy Lifestyle

Yoga has been practiced in India for some 5000 years by yogis, but it is only now being regarded as a universal solution for all health issues. I bet you know that June 21st is World Yoga Day, and millions of people across the globe converge every year to celebrate this day. However, have you ever wondered why are we talking about yoga now, even though it has been around for thousands of years? Maybe because more and more people are getting to know about this form of exercise and are experiencing its many benefits. Here are some benefits of yoga that are probably responsible for its fame:

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Posted on 12/15/2015 by Dana Damara in Listen Divine Talking Talking Just to Talk

The idea of listening came to me when I spent the last four weeks nurturing a very sore throat. It wasn’t a cold or anything like that. I guess it could have been the fact that I was using my voice for work more than normal. But honestly I believe the issue came from something that was energetically linked to me needing to shut my mouth and listen.

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Best Tip for Healthy Snacking

Posted on 12/14/2015 by Andrea Ferretti in Healthy Snacking Lean Protein Healthy Fat Fiber-Rich

Truth be told, I was never much of a fan of snacking. I don’t have natural self-control or discipline when it comes to food. I was a teeny tiny little fairy waif growing up. I exercised a ton, I was always hungry, and I ate whatever I pleased, whenever I pleased.

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Mini Blueberry Chia Scones

Posted on 12/10/2015 by Conscious Cleanse in Mini Blueberry Chia Scones Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Egg-Free Sugar-Free Mini

I was determined to make a gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, grain-free and sugar-free scone that even my husband would eat.

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Despite it All, I'm OK

Posted on 12/10/2015 by J. Brown in yoga fear heart Geopolitics Yoga Industry Yoga Practice

Recent events and the turn of season have landed on many like a celestial wet blanket, casting a hue of funk and resignation. Even just a quick glance at any news feed bombards us with what seems to be insurmountable suffering, injustice, and ignorance. Governments and institutions appear at a loss to stem the tide. As individuals, we have no choice but to either give in to hopelessness or garner our intrinsic resources.

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Practicing Yoga off the Mat: Non-attachment

Posted on 12/9/2015 by Ashley Josephine in yoga Non-Attachment Mental Clarity Abhyasa Vairagya

Last night was the last time I’ll ever sleep in my childhood bedroom. Tonight, I’ll sleep in a “guest room” in my parent’s new house. I don’t live in the same state anymore (and haven’t for the past 5 years), so I don’t really get a room in their house.

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Regret Overeating this Past Weekend? The Real Reason You Did, it May Surprise You

Posted on 12/8/2015 by Alba Creales in fear Anxiety stress Regret Overeating Food

Many of us could use some healing when it comes to our relationship with food + our body but most of us are convinced that not feeling well after eating (either emotionally or physically) is our version of “normal”.

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6 Splendid Reasons to Drink Hot Lemon Water

Posted on 12/3/2015 by Conscious Cleanse in yoga Lemons Hot Lemon Water Detox Tips Healthy Habits

People often ask us if we could only do one thing for our health everyday what would it be.

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HamString Strengtheners

Posted on 12/3/2015 by Adam Hocke in yoga Hamstring Glutes tendons Dancer Pose Adam Hocke

We stretch our hamstrings in yoga A LOT, but we don’t necessarily work on strengthening them. If you’re familiar with the ‘yoga butt’ injury, you know that injuries at the hamstring tendon located, well, in your butt, are more and more common with regular practitioners.

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Karmic Action

Posted on 12/2/2015 by Dana Damara in yoga Karmic Action Karma Kindness

I was having a discussion with some epic yogis the other day and we were talking about karma .. and what karma yoga “is”. And we were talking about how karma yoga can be something as simple as being nice to people you don’t know. Picking up trash that’s not yours. Buying coffee for the person in line behind you without them knowing. That sort of “pay it forward” attitude. And while I love this idea, I mean who wouldn’t? This world needs more of that for sure!

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Yoga for Knee Pain

Posted on 12/1/2015 by Ashley Josephine in yoga Exercise Muscles Knee Pain Yoga Poses

The universe likes to inspire me for content. This is a great way to receive content ideas, except that it requires patience. I’ve been thinking about doing a yoga for knee pain video for a while, but wasn’t positive I even knew what to teach for this particular condition.

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