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Introducing Your Holiday Sanity Sanctuary!

Posted on 11/29/2016 by Yoga Download in Practice Yoga Featured Classes Sanity Sanctuary Yoga for the Holidays

How’s your state of mind? We here at know how hectic life becomes this time of year. We’re right in the stretch between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve when many of us could use a shot of adrenaline or a warm blanket and a teddy bear to make it through to 2017. At the very least, we could use a rejuvenating yoga class or a calming meditation practice.

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Ways To Teach Yourself Yoga

Posted on 11/28/2016 by Cassie Brewer in Meditation benefits of yoga home practice Yoga Practice Ways to Teach Yourself Yoga

Fitness trends come and go all the time. Crossfit had its time in the spotlight, as did rail running and P90X. However, as studies are published across the fitness and medical industries, telling us which exercises will really get us into the best shape of our lives, there is one form of fitness that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Which one is it? You guessed it: yoga.

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DIY Holiday Gift Cards

Posted on 11/28/2016 by Corinne Marabel in christmas AVeganKitchen Holiday Gift Cards DIY DIY Gift Wrap Inspiration

With not only holidays, but particularly Christmas very much upon on, the whole dash to find the perfect gift has surely begun. And while I can't actually help you find the present (despite the fact that I would love to), I am here to help you with make the present look beautiful.

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8 Mindful Ways to Curb Sugar Cravings

Posted on 11/28/2016 by Andrea Ferretti in balance mindful eating Andrea Ferretti Clean Eating Yoga Lifestyle Curb Sugar Cravings Sugar Addiction

I was recently hanging out with some old friends and mentioned that I’m living a nearly refined-sugar free life. (I say nearly because I believe in balance and, on occasion, sharing a chocolate croissant with my family is worth it.) They gasped. While I’ve always attempted a clean diet, it was shocking for them to imagine their former fro-yo lovin’ friend off of sugar. I chalk it up to one of the things that a breast cancer diagnosis did for me – scared me straight off the sugar crack.

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Sagittarius New Moon (11/29/16): Expanding Spiritual Horizons

Posted on 11/25/2016 by Alanna Kaivalya in Alanna Kaivalya New Moon Alchemical Ritual new moon horoscope Wisdom Astrological Reading New Moon in Sagittarius Reaffirmation

The new moon in Sagittarius urges us into a state of joy and enthusiasm! After the tensions and troubles of the past few months, it is time to shift into a more playful and engaged attitude. Sagittarius supports long-range travel and exploration of foreign cultures. But, if you are home-bound, you may satisfy this urge through studying philosophy, religion or mythology.

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Abundance Mentality: A Career in Yoga

Posted on 11/23/2016 by J. Brown in Abundance Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Teachers J. Brown Yoga Challenges of a Yoga Teacher Yoga Careers

Continuing education for yoga teachers is in high demand since the proliferation of yoga teacher training certification has reached epic proportions. No one expects someone to be seasoned after merely two hundred hours, and technological advancements have enabled newfound access and resources to anyone with an internet connection. More than just a knowledge of yoga, or adjunct skills for teaching, these offerings often purport to give practical career advice that will help graduates succeed financially. Unfortunately, business advice for “yogapreneurs” is often grossly misguided.

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How To Find Thanks

Posted on 11/23/2016 by Meredith Cameron in Gratitude How To Find Thanks Abundance Meredith Cameron Practice of Gratitude Live Grateful

Gratitude. We say it. We know it. But how deep does it run? We all know that gratitude is a great thing to practice. And we might even acknowledge our gratitude from time to time. However, it seems like such a hype word and/or "cool" thing to "do" these days. I want to take this a step further. Instead of being grateful, can we live grateful? It's an exceptional difference and for those who live in gratitude, instead of paying it a weekly visit, know exactly what I am talking about.

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May Your Heart (And Belly) Be Full

Posted on 11/22/2016 by YogaDownload .com in Holiday Meditation Meditation Gratitude Attitude of Gratitude Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving friends! We’re here to help you kick off the day mindfully. Before the company gets here, take 10 minutes for yourself to get grounded in a moment of thankfulness – that’s what today is all about, right? Root down by sitting or standing in a place that feels comfortable, and spend a few moments gathering all your favorite people and places and foods and pleasures in your heart. Sometimes it’s easiest to start a meditation with “I am grateful for…”

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7 Affirmations For Success

Posted on 11/22/2016 by Ashley Josephine in Meditation Affirmations Positive Affirmations Ashley Josephine Chakras Attitude of Gratitude

Affirmations are phrases you repeat to yourself over and over again. Repeating these words reminds you of their meaning and the importance of the words. You can use these positive phrases to stay motivated and inspired. Affirmations can be repeated silently inside your head, said out loud, or written down and hung somewhere visible.

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A Conscious Thanksgiving

Posted on 11/22/2016 by Conscious Cleanse in Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes The Conscious Cleanse Healthy Holiday Foods Eat Whole Foods Conscious Thanksgiving

Hooray!! Thanksgiving is only a few days away and we are so excited to show you our Conscious Thanksgiving feast! Have you finalized your menu? Or are you looking for some last minute inspiration? If you fall into the latter category, we’ve got your back. Throughout this month, we have been sharing some Thanksgiving staples that we have given a Conscious Cleanse makeover. From stuffing to pie, we’ve got recipes that will give you all the flavor without the junk.

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The Practice of Gratitude Meditation

Posted on 11/21/2016 by Lindsay Nova in Holiday Meditation Benefits of Meditation Gratitude Attitude of Gratitude Gratitude as Medicine

Gratitude is an essential part of mindful living. The practice of gratitude is something that can be cultivated all year round, although there are times of the year that especially call for it more. We can use these times of cultural observance and family gatherings as a reminder to fill our cups with gratitude ALL the time, not just during the holidays.

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The Story Behind HoneyColony's Founder: How Superfoods Changed My Life

Posted on 11/17/2016 by Maryam Henein in HoneyColony Equilibrium Superfoods Save the Bees Eat Clean Raw Honey

My foray with superfoods really started while I was living in Venice, California with a house full of raw foodists back in 2008. I was editing my film Vanishing of the Bees, (narrated by Ellen Page), and decided to move to the west side from Hollywood to be near our editor and avoid a crazy Los Angeles commute.

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Be A Spiritual Warrior: Stand In Your Truths and Strengths

Posted on 11/15/2016 by YogaDownload .com in Strength truth Path of Yoga Spiritual Warrior Bhagavad Gita Arjuna

When we are in harmonious times, it’s easy to express our beliefs and our truth. Many of us yogis surround ourselves with like-minded people seeking to live life on a higher vibration. We choose to focus on the positive and live from a place of compassion and love. Practicing these principles on the yoga mat strengthens our resolve to practice them off the mat. But how do we stand in our truth when it is challenged from all sides? How do we remain peaceful and positive when there’s no choice but to fight to preserve our dignity, our values, and our beliefs? The concept of being a warrior and fighting doesn’t have to mean that we are denying our spirituality.

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7 Reasons You Should Consider Yoga Retreats Over Regular Vacations

Posted on 11/15/2016 by Audrey Throne in yoga retreat Stress Release Fresh Start Relax Revitalize

Every year, we use our hard-earned money to jet off to a spellbinding location where we hope to break away, relax, recoup, learn new cultures and meet new people. We choose to go on vacations to get away from the hustle of everyday life, spend quality time with our family or friends, be surrounded by nature, get quiet time to put things in perspective and resolve long-standing mental as well as emotional issues.

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Featured Pose: Viparita Virabhadrasana or Reverse Warrior

Posted on 11/15/2016 by YogaDownload .com in Strength Featured Pose Reverse Warrior Warrior Ground Down Asana Viparita Virabhadrasana

Reverse Warrior is a powerful standing pose that stretches your hips and groins, while lengthening your spinal and intercostal muscles. The posture also helps blood circulation, reduce stress, mitigate back pain and can be a mood-booster.

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Big Kid Pumpkin Soup

Posted on 11/14/2016 by Corinne Marabel in Fall Recipes Pumpkin Soup Vegan AVeganKitchen Big Kid Pumpkin Soup Heathly Pumpkin Recipes Pumpkin Seeds

So summer is officially over (sadness) and autumn is upon on us, given that that is the usual order of the seasons, and the weather has already begun cooling down (sadness x2). However, the positive here is that soups and deliciously comforting foods begin to become a regular in the kitchen again. Today while looking in the fridge I couldn't help but notice an incredibly lovely looking whole pumpkin staring back at me - so naturally, I decided to chop it up, roast it and then zhoozh it up.

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Taurus Full Super Moon (11/14/16) — Heal, Ground, and Grow Your Light

Posted on 11/9/2016 by Alanna Kaivalya in Alanna Kaivalya Get into nature Alchemical Ritual Taurus Full Moon Sensitivity

This Taurus full moon is the most grand and illuminating super moon of the century, so far! A super moon causes the earth’s tides to be stronger, and it does the same thing to us. We are energetically pulled by the moon. With this super moon in Taurus, we are pulled in the directions of establishing our financial security, increasing our self-confidence, elevating our sensuality and connecting to the earth. The Taurus full moon shines brightly on to our fundamental basics–the ground we stand on, how we support ourselves, and how we feel the world around us. This presents us a good opportunity to indulge in self care, heighten our sensitivity to nature, and connect with mother earth. Go outside in the moonlight and feel the steady ground underneath your feet.

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What is GPS Consciousness?

Posted on 11/7/2016 by Harmonjot Kaur in Intuition Kundalini Yoga Guru Jagat GPS Consciousness Navigate Your World Harmonjot Live with Authenticity

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” – Oscar Wilde. I love this spot-on observation by one of the most outlandish “livers” of all time. It seems to perfectly express the epidemic anxiety felt by most yogis, artists and seekers, i.e. those wired for more than the status quo. For us that have the taste buds for exhilaration and real life, nothing less will do. And when that fullness of living feels in any way out of reach, angst and frustration are the natural resultants.

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Empowering Liberation: Traverse Through Tough Times

Posted on 11/7/2016 by YogaDownload .com in How Yoga Transforms Us Suffering Journey of Yoga challenges Featured Classes Trust Yourself Empowering Liberation

Nobody’s life is a static, well-paced journey, despite how many plans we make, how many goals we set, and how well intentioned we are. No, life is messy and serves up surprises every day. The world's a roller coaster and we aren't strapped in. Maybe we should hold with care, but our hands are busy in the air. This line from alternative rock band Incubus’ iconic song 'Wish You Were Here' sums up how many of us feel on a day-to-day basis. Flying along by the seat of our pants— navigating the challenges we encounter along the way.

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The Three Things You Need To Be Free

Posted on 11/4/2016 by Kate Marolt in desire Courage Personal Freedom Path of Yoga Kate Marolt Willingness

Last week, for the third year in a row, I spent a week mostly offline in the woods in Georgia teaching at this magical event called Camp Nerd Fitness. And every year, I am more blown away than the last by how special this group of people is, and how honored and appreciative I feel to be able to teach and share and learn and grow with each of them. Photo by Will Byington PhotographySharing moments with so many people choosing to face their fears, lending a helping hand, laughing so hard it hurts, hugging and crying… my heart is overflowing with love.

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Lemon Lavender Beeswax Hand Creme

Posted on 11/4/2016 by Cicily Amrita in Detoxify DIY essential oils Nourish Lemon Lavender Beeswax Hand Creme

Do you feel like it's time to reboot? Create a new beginning and a fresh start today. Begin from the inside out. A mental spring cleaning means that you take some time to sit and observe what is no longer serving you in life. Relationships, thought patterns, eating habits, living situations, posture, what ever it may be, make a commitment today to clean house!

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Benefits of Yoga- What You Didn't Know

Posted on 11/4/2016 by Chris Barkess in benefits of yoga Yoga Practice Misconceptions of Yoga Flow Flexibility Chris Barkess

As a formally vocal sceptic that recently “found” yoga during a month long stay at Blue Osa Yoga Retreat and Spa, I was keen to do a little digging into the benefits that yoga could provide. The results were staggering!

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Yoga As a Way of Life

Posted on 11/4/2016 by Ashley Josephine in Yoga Journey Ashley Josephine Yoga Lifestyle Path of Yoga

Here’s why I chose yoga as a way of life. I want you to know my story, not because it has any particular significance to your own trajectory on this path called yoga, but because I want you to know that you’re not alone in feeling like you’re not really sure why you’re practicing yoga. I’ve already shared a lot of my story on this blog, in my about section, and sometimes in my classes, but what I’m about to share with you here is a little more personal. My own personal reasons for why I continue to choose yoga as a way of life.

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10 Tips for a Home Practice

Posted on 11/2/2016 by Jake Panasevich in home yoga practice Jake Panasevich Yoga for Men yoga Exercise Fitness Personal Routine

At some point, it's necessary to develop a personal yoga practice to maintain your strength, flexibility and sanity. A personal routine will keep you in the game, no matter where you are or how your circumstances change. While yoga classes are a wonderful way to have fun, learn good alignment and build community, realistically, you won’t always have the luxury and time to attend class. A home practice will keep you feeling healthy, grounded and pain-free. It's simple to start, and if you make it fun and effective, it's sustainable.

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This Granola Smells Like Fall

Posted on 11/1/2016 by Meredith Cameron in Fall Recipes Meredith Cameron Clean Eating Granola

It's a dreary day here in the Rocky Mountains, which usually begs me to bake and cook. I usually like to bake or cook things that aren't too tedious and don't require a huge recipe. I'm not sure if that's just plain lazy or just savvy. I decided to cook up some long over-due granola with an Autumn twist.

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Stir Your Shakti! Grooves To Light Up Your Life

Posted on 11/1/2016 by YogaDownload .com in Divine Power Flow Self Empowerment Featured Classes Shakti Stability Practice Manifest Change

This week we’ve got some great new classes designed to help you unleash your inner Shakti energy. Activate your connection to Shakti by mixing up your usual routine— change is good!

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