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YogaDownload Thanksgiving Poem

Posted on 11/25/2015 by Yoga Download in thanksgiving

This is a rhyme for your ankles, knees and nose, Your chakras, your hips, your elbows and toes. To begin, praise the brain, our center of illumination With moments of quiet and calming meditation.

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Creamy Pumpkin Sage Soup

Posted on 11/18/2015 by Conscious Cleanse in healthy recipes pumpkin sage soup

It’s pumpkin season! Hooray! Admittedly, I’m not usually much of a soup lover, but this recipe has completely won me over. Bursting with rich flavor and a smooth creaminess, this soup will warm your belly and enliven your taste buds just in time for the crisp fall weather. You might even want to add this to your Thanksgiving menu. It’s sure to impress your guests and they’ll never know it’s good for them!

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Why I Talk to My Body

Posted on 11/18/2015 by Katrina Kopeck in gratefulness love your body yoga for inspiration

“Hey knees. I’m really grateful for all the ways you let me move and play. I know we’ve had our disagreements over the years, but I feel like we’re taking care of each other these days. I appreciate you. I love you. I’m sorry about the scrapes and bruises . . . but that was fun, eh?”

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The Funny In Mommy

Posted on 11/18/2015 by Brooke Halperin in Yoga for Kids yoga for moms kids yoga

I’m not talking about role playing in the bedroom or playing dress up with my kids. I’m talking about getting down and dirty as a yogi. I am obsessed with yoga. I’m hooked on the way it makes me feel mentally, physically and emotionally. It provides a serene high that I’m pretty sure can’t be bottled and sold in any dirty dank alley.

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Your Resilient Spirit

Posted on 11/17/2015 by Kayla Mantegazza in Resiliency Yoga Inspiration Attitude of Gratitude Self Empowerment Kayla Mantegazza

In your lifetime, you will inevitably face adversity. Sometimes you will have limited control over the cards you’ve been dealt, and sometimes you’ll be the joker who shuffled the deck. In any event, even when the chips are down, developing resiliency will keep you ahead in the game. Becoming a more positive, adaptable person isn’t about perfecting your poker face. The strongest, most well-adjusted people don’t hide or deny their feelings. On the contrary, people with resilient spirits experience hardship deeply and wholeheartedly…but they translate those experiences into wisdom they can use to push forward.

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This is 40: My Sankalpa Statement

Posted on 11/12/2015 by Kristin Magill Gibowicz in yoga Courage Forty 40 Sankalpa Cheers to 40 Be Kind

I’m definitely dealing with a little Peter Pan syndrome as I face the stigma of turning the big 4-0. I certainly don’t feel old, but when my father turned forty I remember buying old fart pills from Spencer’s at the mall, and giving him a card with a picture of an old man using a walker. I have watched the movie This is Forty many times and deeply identify with Leslie Mann’s character when she says, “I don't wanna shop at old lady stores. I don't wanna go to J. Jill and Chico's and Ann Taylor Loft. I’m not ready yet."

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A Thank You Note to My Bod

Posted on 11/11/2015 by Andrea Ferretti in Andrea Ferretti Jason Crandell Thank you Bod Cancer Music

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately – about consciously thanking my body for all that it does. When you’re diagnosed with cancer, it’s easy to feel like your body has betrayed you. Like it’s been sneaking around behind your back, hanging out with rogue cells in alleyways making dirty deals. It’s a horrible feeling, that.

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Zeal's Bomber Broccoli Slaw

Posted on 11/10/2015 by Conscious Cleanse in Dairy Free Healthy Coleslaw Recipe Broccoli Slaw Zeal Dinner Tahini Coleslaw

Ever since our last Zeal Dinner I’ve been craving this delicious, vegan, broccoli slaw. It’s the perfect salad for the Fall because it’s grounding, hearty and dense, which I appreciate this time of year. It’s so good that I’ve been eating it almost daily for the last week.

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Am I Misappropriating Yoga

Posted on 11/10/2015 by Erin Ozimek in yoga Kirtan India Westerners Namaste David Gordon White

The continued rise of Instagram-influenced yoga has led to a new wave of criticism among East-Indians and academics alike. Accusations of cultural appropriation are being levied just as long-held myths are being debunked. Many earnest practitioners find themselves confused by the discord between what they see and read in the media and the experience they have of Yoga in their lives.

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What Every Soccer Coach Should Know about Yoga

Posted on 11/4/2015 by Tara Kestner in Hero's Pose Reclined Figure Legs Up Wall Soccer Soccer Coach

Hey coaches, I’m talking to you. As a yoga instructor who works with sports teams I’ve heard every excuse; we don’t have time, it’s not in the budget, or my favorite “this is not a girls’ soccer team you know.”

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Yoga is the Exact Same as Football: The Proof

Posted on 11/4/2015 by Yoga Download in football yoga for sports yoga for atheltes

Have you noticed that yoga and football are like, the exact same thing? We’re here to throw a flag on the idea that Sunday gameday has to get in the way of your Sunday practice. In celebration of our new Yoga For Football and classes for a Tight End, we found 7 pieces of proof that we’re on one universal Special Team:

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Meditation for Athletes

Posted on 11/3/2015 by Tara Kestner in Deep Breathing Benefits of Meditation Tara Kestner athletes

Meditation? Seriously? I know what you're thinking, but yes, seriously I am going to talk about meditation for athletes. I consider myself to be a very practical person so my approach to yoga has always been from a real world perspective. Meditation has always seemed like a bunch of new age hokum. OK, so I was wrong, it happens.

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How Taking a Yoga Retreat Cultivates Contentment

Posted on 11/2/2015 by Claire Petretti-Marti in yoga retreat Santosha Mayacamas Ranch Calistoga Wine Tasting Hiking

“The result of contentment is total happiness. The happiness we get from acquiring possessions is only temporary. We need to find new ones and acquire them to sustain this sort of happiness. There is no end to it. But true contentment, leading to total happiness and bliss, is in a class by itself.” – T.K.V. Desikachar

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Quinoa Beet Arugula Salad

Posted on 11/1/2015 by Conscious Cleanse in Gluten Free Arugula Beets Grain dish Kim Chi Quinoa Salad

“Shockingly delicious” is the phrase my “non-health-food-fanatic-husband” uses to describe quinoa.

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Yoga for Firefighters and Physically Demanding Jobs - Shoulder Edition Part 1

Posted on 11/1/2015 by Tara Kestner in Tara Kestner Puppy Pose Anterior Shoulder Opener Thread to Needle Pose

This series of articles was originally entitled Yoga for Firefighters as it was written for my firefighter specific class, however I have expanded it to other physically demanding jobs since the advice is equally valid and helpful to the construction trades, police officers, super heroes and military personnel. I will to address some of the specific physical challenges that firefighting and other such jobs create.

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