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21-Day Yoga Challenge: Time to Shine! 

This challenge has ended. A BIG congrats to everyone who completed the challenge! Be very proud, and be sure to soak and bask in the benefits for all your hard work and effort (doesn't it feel GREAT?!)!! And most importantly, continue with your momentum! Do your best to keep up with your consistent practice! Even 20 mins can change your entire day!


Winner 1: Penny M.
Winner 2: Jessica F.

Stay tuned for info on our New Year's Challenge coming January 1st!

On completion of the challenge two lucky winners will be chosen at random to win incredible prize packages from these partners:



21-Day Challenge: Time to Shine


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Day 20: 21-Day Yoga Challenge: Time to Shine!
Day 20: 21-Day Yoga Challenge: Time to Shine!

Welcome to Day 20 of the 21-Day Yoga Challenge: Time to Shine!

Saturday, September 28. 

You’re getting close, challengers.

Today you have two different choices. If you’re feeling stronger than you ever have in your yoga practice, and excited about exploring bigger and more challenging poses, Shannon’s class explores inversions. If you’ve been satisfied with the amount of active and challenging yoga you’ve been practicing, and your body wants a deep, juicy, restful Yin practice, Caitlin’s class is a good choice.

Today's class choices:


Yin Yoga for Stress Relief with Caitlin Rose Kenney

45 min class | Level: All Levels | Intensity: Ahhhhhh

Find stress relief with nourishing yin postures sequenced to unwind tension from your whole being and return you to a state of balance. This practice grounds you with breath awareness and takes you through a sequence of yin poses that quiets your mind. The carefully chosen postures benefit your joints, help relieve low back pain, and stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system so you can let go of anxiety.


Apex Fusion Inversions: Up, Under, Down & Across with Shannon Paige

55 min class | Level: Adv. Intermediate | Intensity: You'll Feel It

Upside down is, or can be, disorienting. Inversions can take embodied skills and strength and make them more challenging to access because the brain is physically below the bodily points of engagement. A key to growing your practice in this 'upside down' way is engaging a layered conversation of skill and strength in the body to challenges of the same skill sets in slightly shifted physical orientations. This causes the practice to be as much for the mind as it is for the body. The effect not only grows the practitioner's embodiment and execution of more complex inversions over time, but also gives powerful access to a sense of increased confidence and focus. 

In this session, we will muse techniques of pressing (rather than kicking) into creative, asymmetrical inversions with notable, deep backbend fusions and gorgeous variations / complications that draw methodically from embodied memory into some of your most beautiful expressions of body poetry.

**you only need to choose one class**

Be sure to share your challenge experiences in the comments section! 



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