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21-Day Yoga Challenge: Time to Shine! 

This challenge has ended. A BIG congrats to everyone who completed the challenge! Be very proud, and be sure to soak and bask in the benefits for all your hard work and effort (doesn't it feel GREAT?!)!! And most importantly, continue with your momentum! Do your best to keep up with your consistent practice! Even 20 mins can change your entire day!


Winner 1: Penny M.
Winner 2: Jessica F.

Stay tuned for info on our New Year's Challenge coming January 1st!

On completion of the challenge two lucky winners will be chosen at random to win incredible prize packages from these partners:



21-Day Challenge: Time to Shine


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Day 19: 21-Day Yoga Challenge: Time to Shine!
Day 19: 21-Day Yoga Challenge: Time to Shine!

Welcome to Day 19 of the 21-Day Yoga Challenge: Time to Shine!

Friday, September 27.

Yoga is truly a practice of self-love and self-acceptance, so be mindful of how you show up to your practice today. It can be all too easy to get self-critical in our thinking, or even in how we practice yoga. Notice if you criticize your body about how flexible you are, or feel bad about how any of your postures look. When we do this, we completely miss the point of the practice, which is to feel more self-love and self-acceptance.

The hip openers in week three continue today if you want to go deeper with Dana. If you feel the urge to flow, Christen’s class will deliver. Remember, you’re human, not meant to be perfect, and don’t need to be in order to create more love and approval towards yourself. Keep this in mind as you practice today, and enjoy!

Today's class choices:

Hip Love:

Hip Hip Hooray with Dana Smith

25 min class | Level: All Levels | Intensity: Ahhhhhh

It is believed that we store our emotional baggage in our hips. Releasing stress and tension in our hips can be challenging and intense at times. In this class, we will explore a Yin-inspired practice designed to gently create space in the hips and usher out stiffness in both the hips and lower back.


The River Flow with Christen Bakken

65 min class | Level: Adv. Beginner & Up | Intensity: Everyday Namaste

In a river, water cannot cling to anything, nor can it be in a rush. The River Flow will be a reminder that we don't need to try so hard and there is nothing that can keep us from the direction we are headed. This well rounded class will include many foundational poses in vinyasa series with a focus on alignment and breath. While being a reminder of the basics, this class will also challenge the breath and body as we vigorously flow with the body and breath. Be ready to work your strength, flexibility, and balance.

**you only need to choose one class**

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