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The YogaDownload 14 Day Seasonal Wellness Challenge

The challenge has ended. Thanks so much to all participants, and a big CONGRATS to those of you that completed all 14 days! What an accomplishment!! Hug yourself, commend yourself, reward yourself (ideally in a healthy way)! We know you're soaking in all the benefits of your daily yoga practice, and hope you're continuing to practice as often as possible!

And now for the winners of our amazing prize packages.....


RUNNER UP: Melanie W.

Also check back soon for info on our next group challenge!

Seasonal Wellness Makeover Challenge


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DAY 13: Your Seasonal Wellness Makeover: A 2-Week Yoga Challenge for Body & Mind
DAY 13: Your Seasonal Wellness Makeover: A 2-Week Yoga Challenge for Body & Mind

Welcome to Day 13 of the 14-Day Yoga Challenge for Busy People!

Saturday, April 20th. 

You're getting close! Two more practices to enjoy until the successful completion of this reset and Wellness Makeover. Robert's class today is about getting a good start. If you start on a positive note, you'll be much more likely to achieve all of the things you want. Erin's class is about being your absolute best. Enjoy either choice!

Today's message from Elise:  Nice job everyone! How does it feel to be close to finishing this challenge? Remember that the transformative work of 2019 doesn’t stop here. Hopefully you’ve learned some things about goal setting and achieving over the past three weeks. The final step towards making lasting change in your life is to set up Accountability. Accountability can come from colleagues, friends or teachers.

Here are today's class options:

Wake Up:

Start Your Day Right with Robert Sidoti

35 min class | Level: All Levels | Intensity: Everyday Namaste

This class is designed for all bodies to 'start your day right'! A routine to wake up to and practice everyday, to begin your awesome day with very necessary functional movement and stretching so to give your body the best possible chance to feel good, with the intention of taking good care of yourself, with reverence and respect! Make it a priority my friends.


Being Your Best with Erin Wimert

65 min class | Level: Adv. Intermediate | Intensity: You'll Feel It

Sometime we go through periods where we feel bored, uninspired and stagnant. These are the times when choosing to up at our best is crucial to manifesting purpose and meaning. Get ready to move and work up to a pose that's impossible to show up as anything other than your best!

**you only need to choose one class**

Be sure to share your challenge experiences in the comments section!


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