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14-Day Self-Love Yoga Challenge

July 18th - July 31

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WHEN: Monday, July 18th - Sunday, July 31st, 2022

WHAT: 14 consecutive days of yoga classes, with 3 class options available each day

WHO: Open to all levels - beginner through advanced

COST: Sign-up and all challenge classes are absolutely FREE for everyone!

HOW: Simply sign up on the challenge mailing list below to receive your daily emails once the challenge begins, and/or simply return to this page each day to view the challenge class options + interact with other challenge members from across the globe.

PRIZES: One grand prize package and runner-up prize packages will be given at the end of the challenge - enter by commenting and posting about your experience with the class each day. One entry per person, per day, for each time you comment.


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About This Challenge

“Self-approval and self-acceptance in the now are the main keys to positive changes in every area of our lives.” - Louise Hay

While it can be easy to look outside of ourselves to seek positive changes in our lives, it truly starts from within and is connected to the relationship we have with ourselves. Simply focusing on more love, kindness, and compassion towards yourself, can have ripple effects on the external areas of your life. Part of self-love is doing things on a daily basis that are loving towards yourself. Yoga is an action rooted in self-love, as it benefits your well-being on many levels. 
This two-week yoga challenge is rooted in self-care and makes it easier than ever to give yourself a daily dose of self-love through the practice of yoga. 
The structure of the challenge makes it easier to stay consistent, as you'll have three class choices delivered to your inbox each day. It is free for everyone and suitable for all levels of experience. There will be advanced class choices and beginner-friendly choices, as well as a shorter class option available each day. Invite your friends to participate in this challenge with you! 
Two weeks of daily yoga can have you feeling more vibrant, energetic, and healthy. Be kind to yourself by giving the gift of a daily practice with other yogis from all over the world. You'll be happy you did!