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The YogaDownload 14 Day Seasonal Wellness Challenge

The challenge has ended. Thanks so much to all participants, and a big CONGRATS to those of you that completed all 14 days! What an accomplishment!! Hug yourself, commend yourself, reward yourself (ideally in a healthy way)! We know you're soaking in all the benefits of your daily yoga practice, and hope you're continuing to practice as often as possible!

And now for the winners of our amazing prize packages.....


RUNNER UP: Melanie W.

Also check back soon for info on our next group challenge!

Seasonal Wellness Makeover Challenge


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DAY 14: Your Seasonal Wellness Makeover: A 2-Week Yoga Challenge for Body & Mind
DAY 14: Your Seasonal Wellness Makeover: A 2-Week Yoga Challenge for Body & Mind
Welcome to Day 14 of the 14-Day Yoga Challenge for Busy People! Sunday, April 21st. You've made it until the end. Take a moment to really appreciate yourself and your efforts over these past two weeks. No matter how this challenge was for you, you've showed up again today, and seen your commitment to through the end. Two weeks of practicing yoga everyday can be a powerful catalyst in a happy life, and making taking care of yourself, a priority and reality. Now you have positive momentum, in taking care of yourself, practicing yoga regularly, and giving time and solace, to both your body and your mind. Appreciate yourself and how strong and determined you are. You can trust yourself more, to complete something successfully and honor your word and commitment you make for yourself. Keep thriving yogis! Today's final message from Elise, is here! Congratulations on finishing the challenge! It's time to review your progress towards your goals. Take out a pen and draw a vertical line down the middle of a piece of paper. On one side of the paper jot down notes about how you would do things differently next time. On the other side of the paper write down all the things you're proud of doing or accomplishing this time. You can do this same process every few weeks as you keep working toward your 3 month goal.

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