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Power & Perseverance 2-Week Yoga Challenge

This challenge has ended. A BIG congrats to everyone who completed the challenge! Be very proud, and be sure to soak and bask in the benefits for all your hard work and effort (doesn't it feel GREAT?!)!! And most importantly, continue with your momentum! Do your best to keep up with your consistent practice! Even 20 mins can change your entire day!


**Stay tuned for info on our next group challenge coming soon!

Power & Perseverance 2 Week Challenge


We challenge you to take a yoga class every day for two weeks straight.

DAY 14: Power & Perseverance 2-Week Yoga Challenge
DAY 14: Power & Perseverance 2-Week Yoga Challenge
Welcome to Day 14 of the Power & Perseverance 2-Week Yoga Challenge! Sunday, June 14th. Ata in Sanskrit, means ‘now’, in English. Some say this single word, is the true meaning of yoga. When you study the roots of yoga philosophy, you find over and over again, that the purpose of these practices, while powerful for our bodies, are more aimed at alleviating our minds from suffering by coming into the present moment. Today, simply make the goal or intention of each pose, to be there, in the pose, as fully and present as possible. To really feel each layer of every pose. These practices are a pathway for your mind, into your body, to create more ease, health, and well-being. Enjoy the journey, here and now. Congratulate yourself on 14 consecutive days of yoga. This is not an easy task and something to be happy about. Treat yourself to something nice this week and notice if you feel more powerful and able to persevere because of your time on your mat over these past two weeks. Thank you for supporting one another in the comments, and sharing about your journey. Enjoy your class today!

DAY 13: Power & Perseverance 2-Week Yoga Challenge
DAY 13: Power & Perseverance 2-Week Yoga Challenge
Welcome to Day 13 of the Power & Perseverance 2-Week Yoga Challenge! Saturday, June 13th. You’re almost there. While it can be easy to look ahead and put in a lackluster effort for the last few days, there is something so satisfying in finishing strong. Be present with every pose and notice how far your body has come in two weeks. Today you can work on your upper body strength with Rob, make your legs stronger with Becca, or work on the power of your mind and focus with Kylie. Have a powerful practice!

DAY 12: Power & Perseverance 2-Week Yoga Challenge
DAY 12: Power & Perseverance 2-Week Yoga Challenge
Welcome to Day 12 of the Power & Perseverance 2-Week Yoga Challenge! Friday, June 12th. Power and perseverance are qualities to a healthy and balanced third Charka, the Solar Plexus, Mainpura. This is the energy center in your body, just below your sternum, and the area of your stomach and core. A balanced Solar Plexus chakra is a calm, humble confidence and power. It can be loving, strong, with healthy boundaries, and steady. If your solar plexus is weak, you can be prone to feelings low self-esteem and low confidence. If your solar plexus is overactive, you can be prone to an inflated ego, aggression, unhealthy dominance, and attachment to power. Yoga can teach us to sit comfortably in our power. A calm, unshakeable power, that is both strong and peaceful. Today’s classes focus on your core and the region of your Manipura chakra. If you want a more technical class to work and learn about your core, practice with Dana. Denelle’s challenging class will entrance you into your third chakra.

DAY 11: Power & Perseverance 2-Week Yoga Challenge
DAY 11: Power & Perseverance 2-Week Yoga Challenge
Welcome to Day 11 of the Power & Perseverance 2-Week Yoga Challenge! Thursday, June 11th. When have you been practicing? Do you always rush to practice first thing in the morning? Or do you end up practicing at night every time? There is no right or wrong time to practice yoga and different practices are beneficial for different times of day. Today you’ve got two classes that will give you a boost in the morning or afternoon, with Claire and Ben. If you want to wind down, Robert’s class is ideal for the evening. Have a wonderful practice today!

DAY 10: Power & Perseverance 2-Week Yoga Challenge
DAY 10: Power & Perseverance 2-Week Yoga Challenge
Welcome to Day 10 of the Power & Perseverance 2-Week Yoga Challenge! Wednesday, June 10th. Welcome back to your mats. Think about how you set up your yoga space today. Do you must throw your mat out and leave it there? Or do you take a few extra moments to treat yourself and beautify your space for your practice each day? Maybe light candles near one end of your mat, or light incense, or close the blinds, or place crystals near your mat. Whatever small, or large ritual works for you, taking a moment to bless and decorate your yoga space, will make your practice extra special.

DAY 9: Power & Perseverance 2-Week Yoga Challenge
DAY 9: Power & Perseverance 2-Week Yoga Challenge
Welcome to Day 9 of the Power & Perseverance 2-Week Yoga Challenge! Tuesday, June 9th. Consistency is power. You are what you do often, not just what you do once in awhile. Congratulate yourself for continuing to show up and consistently get onto your yoga mat. Yoga is a consistent habit that makes you physically and mentally stronger, more relaxed, and healthier. Today, you get to keep the momentum going with three differing class choices. If you want a good workout, practice with Kristin. If you want a class with a positive attitude, join Pradeep for a feel good experience. If you want to chill, unwind with Elise’s nourishing Yin class.

DAY 8: Power & Perseverance 2-Week Yoga Challenge
DAY 8: Power & Perseverance 2-Week Yoga Challenge
Welcome to Day 8 of the Power & Perseverance 2-Week Yoga Challenge! Monday, June 8th. Welcome to week two. Take a moment to check in with yourself. Can you allow yourself to feel powerful right now? You’re on your eighth day in a row of yoga. “Practice, and all is coming.” You can know about how magical and powerful yoga is. The challenge and the practice, is really in showing up to practice it. A challenge like this, gives you accountability, structure, and motivation, to make yoga a consistent practice for you. What benefits us on the mat, can have ripple effects and benefits off of the mat. What are some other areas of your life that more accountability and structure could do you good? Enjoy your practice today, If you want to practice want a nice, challenging, half-hour flow, Jackie’s class will have you feeling good. If you want to spend more time in your practice today, Keith will guide you in a slow and thorough outdoor flow.

Power & Perseverance 2-Week Yoga Challenge

June 1st - 14th





WHEN: Monday, June 1st - Sunday, June 14th, 2020

WHAT: 14 consecutive days of yoga classes, with 2-3 class options available each day

WHO: Open to all levels - beginner through advanced

COST: FREE for YogaDownload Members - if you're not a member join this challenge for $5.

HOW: To participate, make sure you have an active membership or have clicked the link to join for $5, then sign up on the challenge mailing list below to recieve your daily emails once the challenge begins, or simply return to this page each day to view the class options + interact with other challenge members from across the globe.

PRIZES: One grand prize package and one runner up prize package will be given at the end of the challenge - enter by commenting and posting about your experience with the class each day. One entry per person, per day, for each time you comment.


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About this challenge

Ready to step into your power? Whether you've been feeling your most empowered, or just struggling to get by lately, this 2-Week Power & Perseverance Yoga Challenge will have you feeling strong and resilient. 

Two consecutive weeks of yoga, can make real notable changes to your levels of strength, flexibility, and overall fitness. If more time at home as has meant a less active lifestyle, a more gluttonous diet, and feeling more out of shape, you are not alone. Fortunately, you have the ability to turn it around and these two weeks of yoga will have you more toned and fit.

The mental benefits of yoga are just as potent than the physical benefits, and include increased confidence, calmness, and mental toughness. If you've been having a hard time navigating the circumstances of the current global pandemic and have been in a state of worry, or struggling with social isolation, daily yoga will help create more peace of mind, even in tougher times.

Every day, your class choices will be delivered to your inbox, making it easier than ever to stay on track, make yoga a daily habit, and feel more energized. You'll also be in this challenge with other yogis, from all over the globe. Together, you'll create a real sense of connection and support, as each day you'll have the opportunity to share about yourself and your challenge journey with each other.

This challenge is suitable to all levels, including yoga beginners, and will also feature intermediate and advanced practices throughout, to keep you challenged and allow you to tap into your power. These two weeks of yoga will show you that you have the ability thrive regardless of life's external circumstances, and internal practices like yoga, are a catalyst for this. Prove to yourself you are powerful and able to persevere through anything!

On completion of the challenge two lucky winners will be chosen at random to win incredible prize packages from these partners:


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