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Live Like Royalty: Yoga for The Crown Chakra
Live Like Royalty: Yoga for The Crown Chakra
Ever need a reminder that life isn’t just our individual experience and we are all part of something bigger? In yoga philosophy, the Sahasrara or Crown Chakra is the seat of pure consciousness and where we connect with the Universe. In order to stimulate and maximize your personal connection with the world around you, learn more about how to tune into your subtle body and chakras. The chakras, including the Crown Chakra, are part of our subtle body. All of us are made up of three bodies: the gross or physical body called the Stula Sharira, the subtle body or the Sukshma Sharira, and the causal body or the Karana Sharira. The physical body is our muscles and skeleton––what we can see with the naked eye. It forms the Annamaya Kosha, the coarsest of the five sheaths. What concerns us most in yoga is our subtle body, which is a blueprint of the physical body and contains the chakra system. A simple analogy to conceptualize the subtle body is that what electricity is to a machine, the subtle body is to the physical body.