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YogaDownload empowers you to practice yoga your way, on your time, wherever you see fit. We're your own personal yoga studio, open 24 hours a day! Check out some of the best reasons to choose

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Whether you're looking to relax for five minutes or sweat for an hour and a half, YogaDownload offers classes to fit your schedule and needs.


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“This has changed my life as now i have a daily practice. the varying lengths allow me to fit the classes into my hectic schedule. I`m a yoga snob (and a teacher) and the quality is fantastic. Thank you!!!!!”

Carrie K. - Sarasota Springs, FL

“I just wanted to tell you how much I`m enjoying your web site. The classes are phenomenal! Even though I`m doing 45 minute-long classes, they go by in a flash. Having different levels of classes allows me to work hard as I want to, and I love the results. I can already feel a the improvement in my own strength and tone. It`s so much fun that I think I maybe becoming a addict!”

Beatrice - Guelph, Ontario

“I wanted to tell you that I`ve always wanted to learn yoga but was too embarrassed to go to a class. Plus, being a full time working mother, I didn`t have time to go to a gym and participate in a 45-60 minute class on a regular basis. With the downloads I`ve gotten off you website, I now do 20-30 minutes of yoga every evening in my own home and I LOVE IT!!!! I can see a huge change in my flexibility, strength, and overall well being. I find myself telling everyone I know about this website. THANK YOU and keep the new sessions coming!!!”

Jamie W. - Cincinnati, OH

“I think this is a fantastic website and so glad I found it! I don't have the time at the moment to find a yoga studio in my area so being able to access yogadownload online, do the classes in my own time and feel great afterwards is really important to me. The site is professional, the payment gateway is easy to use and secure and overall, I just love it! Well done! ”

Sarah H. - Melbourne, Australia