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Hanuman's Journey - The Tale of Friendship

Alanna Kaivalya

Level: Intermediate
Intensity: You'll Feel It
Props: None
Rating: 4.88 based on 4 reviews

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Class Description

Hanuman is a character in our yogic mythology that embodies friendship and compassion. He uses his dedication to his friendship to overcome fear and achieve impossible feats. When we embody this story through our asana practice, we are given the opportunity not only to release fear in our body, but to understand that Hanuman's journey reflects our own as we use love and friendship to inspire us to achieve the impossible! This class features an intelligently sequenced vinyasa practice that centers around the mythology and philosophy of the tale of the Ramayana and Hanuman's journey within it.

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 4.88 rating based on 4 reviews
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It s so awesome that we can take a class like this in our home!!! Alanna brings Hanuman s story to your heart along with a wonderful flow. Hopefully we all have a friend like Hanuman and we are Hanuman to someone else. If not after taking this class I m sure you will want to be a Hanuman. :)

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I loved this yoga class! It started gently, but I definitely got a work out. Interesting story throughout the class, we are capable of the impossible with dedication, passion, and love. I felt the chaturangas were a little too fast. It s too quick to transition from a plank to an upward facing dog to a downward dog without a breath, for me. Ouchy on the spine. Love the instructor, beautiful voice! Cute pup too.

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Loved this class. Alanna weaves Hanuman s story into the practice so seamlessly I felt like I was taking my own journey within the story. Alanna is a truly gifted teacher.

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wow, what a great class! i wasn t sure what to expect at first since it was my first experience with Alanna s style, but by the end i not only had experienced a fabulous, invigorating vinyasa class, but i had experienced a wonderful story, beautiful chanting and it really helped me to connect internally. i was invigorated, energized and felt amazing all day. will be returning to this class soon!



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