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Elements for Yoga and Body Mind - Vol. 5

Body Mind Elements

Grounded in the warm ambiance of Bossa Nova and Brazilian instruments like the Berimbau, Surdo and the repiqué drum, paying hommage to the huge yoga nation of Brazil we’ve created an album for Vinyasa inspired classes like Ashtanga and Power Yoga. Elements™ for Yoga and Body Mind vol. 5 ” Vinyasa Flow” is an album that enlivens and sparks new life into your practice.

Full album playtime: - 1:00 h

Track Listing        
1. Clara State of Mind 6:44 $1.29 Add to Cart
2. Sunny Walk with Me 7:12 $1.29 Add to Cart
3. Brazil con Amor 8:27 $1.29 Add to Cart
4. Today's the Day 4:59 $1.29 Add to Cart
5. Love and Light 5:42 $1.29 Add to Cart
6. Say the Word 8:42 $1.29 Add to Cart
7. Deepwater Dreaming 8:40 $1.29 Add to Cart
8. Shower Me with Grace 9:36 $1.29 Add to Cart
Full Album
  Full Album: Full Album 1:00:00 $9.99 Add to Cart

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