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Elements for Yoga and Body Mind - Vol. 4

Body Mind Elements

Elements™ for Yoga and Body Mind vol. 4 "Chakra" is music inspired by the chakras. The album takes you on a journey starting from the root, with heavier instrumentation and as we approach the crown the sounds surrounds you and lifts your spirit to new dimensions. Get inspired and stimulated from within with this one.

Full album total playtime - 1:07 h

Track Listing        
1. Earthbound 8:22 $1.29 Add to Cart
2. Liquefied 8:39 $1.29 Add to Cart
3. Say Aah! 8:36 $1.29 Add to Cart
4. Airborne 9:05 $1.29 Add to Cart
5. Ethernal 6:41 $1.29 Add to Cart
6. Mindful Charm 8:19 $1.29 Add to Cart
7. Let There Be Light 8:45 $1.29 Add to Cart
8. Sixth Sense 8:12 $1.29 Add to Cart
Full Album
  Full Album: Full Album 1:07:00 $9.99 Add to Cart

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