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Elements for Yoga and Body Mind - Vol. 3

Body Mind Elements

Body Mind Elements' third addition to the Elements for Yoga and Body Mind series is all about calming the senses and the element of air. We worked with the theme of Spa and Yoga combined, coming up with this wonderful mix of East-asian inspired harmonies toghether with a cool laid back attitude in the rhythm sections.. This is music highly suitable for Yoga, Spa or other relaxing moments in life. Stay on the ground or allow yourself to get lifted.

Full album total playtime - 1:04 h

Track Listing        
1. Soaring Light 9:56 $1.29 Add to Cart
2. Ionic Freedom 9:00 $1.29 Add to Cart
3. Fireflies 7:36 $1.29 Add to Cart
4. Steady Motion 7:43 $1.29 Add to Cart
5. Morning Mist 6:16 $1.29 Add to Cart
6. Magic Whisper 9:28 $1.29 Add to Cart
7. Mystic Rain 7:31 $1.29 Add to Cart
8. The Source 6:31 $1.29 Add to Cart
Full Album
  Full Album: Full Album 1:04:00 $9.99 Add to Cart

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