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Elements for Yoga and Body Mind - Vol. 1

Body Mind Elements

The very first volume revolves around the element of water och provides a nice balance between the hard and the soft. Uplifting tracks such as "Courage" lifts your spirit and inspires, the track "Earth" guides you through the last part of your practice before it's time to exhale to the track "Relax". This music is suitable for both Yoga and Pilates and most Body Mind practices. As all volumes, it works as a helpful guide to help you keep track of time aswell as provides you with the inspiration to give a little more during practice.

Full album total playtime: 1:04 h

Track Listing        
1. Tune In 4:40 $1.29 Add to Cart
2. Breathe 3:56 $1.29 Add to Cart
3. Dynamics 13:57 $1.29 Add to Cart
4. The Child 1:54 $1.29 Add to Cart
5. Courage 13:55 $1.29 Add to Cart
6. Wisdom 2:02 $1.29 Add to Cart
7. Earth 11:38 $1.29 Add to Cart
8. Relax 10:16 $1.29 Add to Cart
Full Album
  Full Album: Full Album 1:04:00 $9.99 Add to Cart

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